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April 2024
Date Title
4/17/24 Meeks Issues Statement Following Classified Briefing on DOD Supplemental Investigation of Abbey Gate Terror Attack
4/15/24 Meeks, McCaul Statement on One-Year Mark Since Start of Sudan Conflict
4/12/24 Meeks Issues Statement on Release of Third Tranche of Closed-Door Interview Transcripts Related to Afghanistan Withdrawal
4/11/24 Meeks, McCaul, Bera, Kim Mark the Inaugural U.S.-Japan-Philippines Trilateral Summit and Welcome Philippine President Marcos to D.C.
4/9/24 Meeks, McCaul, Bera, Kim Introduce Resolution Honoring the United States-Japan Alliance and Welcoming Prime Minister Kishida Fumio
4/4/24 Meeks Welcomes Release of Second Tranche of Closed-Door Interview Transcripts Related to Afghanistan Withdrawal
4/4/24 Meeks, McCaul Commemorate NATO’s 75th Anniversary
4/4/24 Meeks Deeply Disappointed by Constitutional Court of Uganda's Decision to Uphold the Anti-Homosexuality Act
4/1/24 Meeks Welcomes First Release of Closed-Door Interview Transcripts on Afghanistan Withdrawal
March 2024
Date Title
3/29/24 Meeks Expresses Deep Concern About Closure of Radio Free Asia Following the Passage of Article 23
3/22/24 Rep. Meeks, Sen. Merkley Issue Statement Calling for Further U.S. Action to Support Rohingya on the Second Anniversary of the Determination of Genocide
3/14/24 Meeks, Kamlager-Dove, Castro Joint Statement on Sixth Anniversary of Assassination of Marielle Franco
3/13/24 Ranking Member Meeks Votes No on Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act
3/8/24 Meeks, McCaul, Bera, Kim Praise COFA Passage
February 2024
Date Title
2/27/24 Meeks, Cardin, Jacobs, Booker Welcome Announcement of High-Level Special Envoy for Sudan
2/24/24 Ranking Member Meeks Issues Statement On 2-Year Anniversary of Russia’s Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine
2/16/24 Meeks, McCaul Statement on Conflict in Eastern DRC
2/16/24 Meeks Statement on the Death of Russian Opposition Leader and Democracy Activist Alexei Navalny
2/15/24 Ranking Member Meeks Celebrates Overwhelming Passage of QUAD Bill in the House
2/10/24 Meeks Issues Statement on Pakistan’s General Election
2/6/24 Meeks Issues Statement Announcing No-Vote on Israel-only Supplemental
January 2024
Date Title
1/29/24 Meeks, McCaul, Jacobs, James, Kildee, Kim Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Condemning the Continued Violence in Sudan
1/26/24 Meeks Supports Turkey’s Approval of Sweden’s Accession to NATO, Sending F-16s to Turkey
1/13/24 Meeks, McCaul, Bera, Kim Praise Taiwan’s Elections
1/12/24 Ranking Member Meeks Issues Statement Regarding Narco-Gang Violence in Ecuador
1/11/24 Ranking Member Meeks Issues Statement Regarding Coalition Airstrikes Against Houthis in Yemen
December 2023
Date Title
12/19/23 Meeks, Bera Issue Statement in Support of Pro-Democracy Voices in Hong Kong
12/14/23 Meeks, HFAC Ranking Members Denounce MAGA Obstruction of Ukraine Aid
12/12/23 Meeks, Bera Issue Statement Welcoming AUKUS Authorizing Legislation in NDAA
12/5/23 Meeks, McCaul Issue Statement Commemorating the Legacy of Nelson Mandela on the 10th Anniversary of His Death
November 2023
Date Title
11/22/23 Meeks Issues Statement on Agreement to Release Hostages Throughout Humanitarian Ceasefire
11/17/23 Meeks, Bera Welcome Announcements from Xi-Biden Summit
11/9/23 Meeks, McCaul Introduce Bill to Restrict Outbound Investment
11/8/23 Meeks, McCaul, Cardin, Risch Statement on Civilian Attacks in Sudan
11/3/23 Meeks, McCaul Support Reauthorization of AGOA
11/2/23 Meeks, Smith, Himes Issue Joint Statement Opposing the Partisan Republican Israeli Supplemental
11/2/23 Meeks Welcomes Sanctions on the Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise
October 2023
Date Title
10/24/23 Meeks, McCaul, Bera, Kim Condemn the Chinese Coast Guard's Unlawful Actions in South China Sea
10/20/23 Meeks, McGovern, Castro, Lee Welcome Progress on Restoring Democracy and Human Rights in Venezuela
10/19/23 Meeks Issues Statement Welcoming Venezuela’s Agreement for Free & Fair Elections
10/18/23 Meeks Applauds President Biden’s Announcement of Humanitarian Support for Gaza
10/10/23 Meeks, McCaul Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Standing with Israel
10/7/23 Meeks, McCaul Condemn Hamas’ Heinous Attack on Israel
September 2023
Date Title
9/30/23 Meeks Releases Statement on House Passage of 45-day Continuing Resolution
9/29/23 Meeks Calls for Pause on U.S. Military Financing to Egypt
9/11/23 Meeks Introduces Strengthening the Quad Act to Boost Indo-Pacific Cooperation 
9/10/23 Meeks, Bera Statement on the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with Vietnam
9/8/23 Meeks, Barr Introduce Technology Exports to India Act to Bolster US-India Ties
August 2023
Date Title
8/27/23 Meeks, Bera Issue Statement Commemorating Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day
8/17/23 Meeks, McCaul, Bera, Kim Issue Statement on the Trilateral Leaders Summit of the United States, Japan and the Republic of Korea
8/10/23 Meeks Leads Letter Urging Administration Not to Certify Certain Foreign Military Financing for Egypt
8/10/23 Meeks, McCaul, Castro, Salazar Release Statement on Assassination of Ecuadorian Presidential Candidate Fernando Villavicencio
July 2023
Date Title
7/27/23 Meeks, McCaul, Bera, Kim Issue Statement on 70th Anniversary of the Korean Armistice
7/26/23 Meeks, McCaul Express Deep Concerns Over Situation in Niger
7/25/23 Meeks, McCaul, Salazar, Cherfilus-McCormick Issue Statement Following House Passage of Haiti Criminal Collusion Transparency Act
7/14/23 HFAC, SFRC Leadership Condemn Russia's Refusal to Extend Black Sea Grain Initiative
June 2023
Date Title
6/22/23 Meeks, Castro, McGovern, Lee Lead Key Democrats Calling on the Biden Administration to Prioritize Constructive Engagement with Venezuela
6/22/23 Ranking Members Meeks, Bera Issue Statement Welcoming Indian Prime Minister Modi
6/13/23 Meeks Issues Statement Following O&A Subcommittee on State’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Accessibility Budget Request
6/9/23 Meeks, Bera, Courtney Introduce AUKUS Undersea Defense Act
May 2023
Date Title
5/30/23 Meeks, McCaul Press Urgent Need to Address Political and Economic Crisis in Lebanon
5/23/23 Ranking Member Meeks Welcomes Extraordinary Accommodation to View Dissent Cable, Calls for Depoliticization of the Channel
5/19/23 Meeks, McCaul, Bera, Kim Urge G7 to Address China’s Economic Coercion
5/11/23 Ranking Member Meeks Introduces Bill to Impose Sanctions on Any Entity Responsible for Endangering Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine
5/10/23 Meeks, McCaul, Keating, Kean Introduce Resolution Calling for Release of Evan Gershkovich
5/9/23 Meeks, McCaul, Phillips, Wilson Introduce Bill to Sanction Iran’s Missile and Drone Program
5/8/23 Meeks, McCaul Condemn Assad’s Readmission to the Arab League
5/5/23 Meeks, McCaul, HFAC Members Urge UN to Reject Male-Only Humanitarian Aid Implementation in Afghanistan
5/1/23 Meeks, McCaul, Bera, Kim Welcome Philippine President Marcos to Washington
5/1/23 Meeks, McCaul on Need for Special Envoys to Sudan
April 2023
Date Title
4/26/23 Meeks, McCaul, Kim, Bera Statement on President Yoon’s Visit to Washington
4/25/23 Meeks Issues Statement Following Return from Leader Jeffries’ CODEL to Ghana, Israel
4/25/23 Meeks Leads Joint Statement Congratulating Resolution Commemorating Israel’s 75th Anniversary and Affirming Two-State Solution
4/24/23 Meeks, Meng, McCaul, Y. Kim, Bera, Steel, A. Kim, Carter, and Strickland Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Reaffirming U.S. Support for South Korea
4/24/23 Meeks, Meng, McCaul, Y. Kim, Bera, Steel, A. Kim, Carter, and Strickland Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Reaffirming U.S. Support for South Korea
4/23/23 Meeks Issues Statement Regarding Safe Evacuation of U.S. Personnel from Sudan
4/20/23 Meeks, Phillips Condemn Arrest of Tunisia’s Opposition Leader & Democratic Backsliding
4/17/23 Meeks Bill, H.R. 1151 Upholding Sovereignty of Airspace (USA) Act, Overwhelmingly Passes House
4/15/23 Meeks, McCaul Call for Immediate Ceasefire and Protection of Civilians in Sudan
4/7/23 Meeks Introduces Landmark 2001 AUMF Repeal and Replace Bill
4/3/23 Top House Foreign Affairs Democrats, Senate Judiciary Chair Request GAO Probe into Trafficking of U.S.-Origin Firearms to Caribbean
March 2023
Date Title
3/29/23 Meeks, McCaul, Salazar & Cherfilus-McCormick Issue Statement Following Passage of Haiti Bill through Committee Markup
3/29/23 Ranking Member Meeks, Chairman Menendez Introduce Bicameral Legislation to Prevent Arms Sales to Human Rights Abusers
3/28/23 Meeks, Connolly Lead Letter to Secretary Blinken on Situation in Tunisia
3/15/23 Meeks Issues Statement Congratulating the Confirmation of Eric Garcetti as U.S. Ambassador to India
3/6/23 Meeks, McCaul Require POTUS to Authorize Sanctions Against CCP Surveillance Company
3/1/23 Meeks, McCaul Congratulate Ambassador Cindy McCain on Appointment to Executive Director of WFP
3/1/23 Meeks Issues Statement on Opposition to Bill Banning TikTok & Other Chinese-Owned Companies
February 2023
Date Title
2/27/23 Meeks Issues Statement on Biden Administration’s Update to Arms Export Policy
2/24/23 Meeks Issues Statement Commemorating One-Year Anniversary of War in Ukraine
2/23/23 Meeks, Cole, Bera Introduce the “Countering Economic Coercion Act of 2023”
2/21/23 Ranking Member Meeks Issues Statement Condemning Putin’s Suspension of Participation in New START Treaty
2/8/23 Meeks, Cicilline, Castro Lead House in Supporting Brazilian Democracy
2/8/23 Ranking Member Gregory W. Meeks Announces HFAC Subcommittee Membership for the 118th Congress
2/2/23 Meeks Issues Statement on House Vote to Oust Rep. Omar from House Foreign Affairs Committee
2/1/23 Meeks, Bera Call For Continued Support for Democracy and Accountability in Burma Two Years After the Military Coup
January 2023
Date Title
1/31/23 Ranking Member Gregory W. Meeks Welcomes Democratic House Foreign Affairs Committee Members
1/25/23 Ranking Member Gregory W. Meeks, Congressman Joe Morelle Demand George Santos Be Denied Access to Classified Information
1/13/23 Meeks Issues Statement Urging the Extension of Hong Kong Deferred Enforced Departure
1/12/23 Meeks, Castro, Gallego, García, Wild Lead 46 Members Calling on Biden to Revoke Bolsonaro’s U.S. Visa, Investigate U.S.-Based Instigators of Brazilian Insurrection