Washington—Representative Eliot L. Engel, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, today made the following statement on the removal of Trump Administration political appointee Merritt Corrigan from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID):

“Ms. Corrigan has a long record of dangerous misogynistic, xenophobic, and homophobic rhetoric. There is no place in our federal government for this hateful speech, let alone at USAID, the core mission of which runs counter to intolerance and bigotry. Ms. Corrigan’s removal is long overdue, and I hope it will provide a measure of relief for USAID employees who have continued to faithfully advance the agency’s critical work in the face of such abhorrent leadership choices by the Trump Administration.

“Acting Administrator Barsa called to inform me of Ms. Corrigan’s departure and express his mortification at her comments and wild accusations against myself and other members of Congress. Just as we did in this case, the Foreign Affairs Committee will continue to speak out and demand action when we see members of the Administration espouse such vile, hateful views.” 

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