Washington—Representative Eliot L. Engel, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, has announced a new date to hear testimony from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the Trump Administration’s policy toward Iran, Iraq, and the use of force in the region.

In a letter to Secretary Pompeo, Chairman Engel wrote, “As the Administration’s public face of this policy, your participation at this hearing is necessary so that the committee can conduct appropriate oversight and consider legislative alternatives related to the use of military force as well as the strategy and aims of American policy in Iran, Iraq, and the broader Middle East.”

Secretary Pompeo refused to appear at a hearing earlier this week, and Chairman Engel made clear that he would issue a subpoena if necessary to secure Mr. Pompeo’s testimony. The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, January 29th.

“I consider your testimony to be of extremely high importance and am prepared to use all legal means to ensure your attendance,” wrote Chairman Engel.

The letter to Secretary Pompeo can be found here.

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