Washington, DC—Today, Congressman Gregory W. Meeks, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, issued the following statement:

"Within just one day of the new administration, President Biden has already established that America is ready to return to the global stage and take seriously the challenges the world faces. By rejoining the Paris Climate Accords, reengaging with the WHO, and rescinding foreign assistance cuts made in the last days of the Trump administration, President Biden is affirming that the United States will once again honor its international agreements and lead through global cooperation. Similarly, the Biden-Harris administration's repeal of the racist and xenophobic Muslim travel ban sends an important signal that US foreign policy will no longer be conducted on the basis of partisan and harmful national politics.

"There is no shortage of damage done in the last four years that the Biden-Harris administration will need to reverse, from restoring our depleted State department to repairing US credibility and our international alliances. As a co-equal branch of government, Congress will need to work with the president to urgently reverse many of the disastrous foreign policies. That includes several decisions made in the twilight hours of the last administration, like arms exports agreements and Cuba's designation as a state sponsor of terrorism, as well as unprecedented expansions of harmful policies like the Global Gag Rule. We will need to work together in repealing an outdated and broad AUMF that has entrenched us in forever wars, and restore the use of diplomacy over force.

"I am eager to work with the 46th president in my capacity as Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and allow the incredible talent of the Members sitting on the committee to advise on the many challenges we face ahead, both new and old."