Washington—Representative Eliot L. Engel, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and Representative Michael T. McCaul, the Committee’s Ranking Member, today released the following statement about the Lukashenko regime’s violent crackdowns and voter suppression during the Belarussian presidential elections:

“We are deeply disturbed by the violent arrests and crackdowns on peaceful protestors, democratic activists, and journalists at the hands of Belarussian authorities, both in uniform and plain clothes. Instead of an election that was rigged from the start, the Belarussian people deserve to choose their own representation and to be free from fear and violence when exercising those fundamental rights. 

“We stand with those who are bravely risking their safety to push for a free and democratic nation and call on President Alexander Lukashenko to end these senseless acts of violence. Belarus’ sovereignty and independence can only be strengthened if its government fully embraces the democratic principles that its people have flooded into the streets to demand.”
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