Washington, DC — Representative Gregory W. Meeks, Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, issued the following statement explaining his opposition to Speaker Johnson’s Israel-only supplemental vote: 

“Today I will be voting no on the Republicans' Israel-only supplemental and urge Speaker Johnson to allow the comprehensive bipartisan Ukraine/Israel/Taiwan/Border supplemental package being considered by the Senate to advance in the House.  

“I have always supported aid to Israel, and we urgently need to help Israel defend against numerous threats, but I cannot support this measure. The Republican bill ignores the numerous challenges facing us around the world, and on our own borders. Israel funding should not be used for political ploys. Today, we are cynically being asked by the GOP to support an Israel-only supplemental because they are taking orders from Donald Trump, who seeks chaos on our border and success for Vladimir Putin.  

“Ukraine is already being forced to ration ammunition and equipment — even with increased assistance from other European countries — yet House Republicans would abandon Ukraine in its existential fight against Russia and prove Vladimir Putin right: that the United States is not a reliable ally. Standing by Ukraine is in our national security interest.  

“Additionally, the Israel-only supplemental completely strips any humanitarian assistance for the people of Gaza who are suffering in dire conditions, proving once again that Republicans would rather ignore the plight of Palestinians than work towards the realization of a two-state solution and bring stability to the region.  

“Threats to U.S. national security are global and require an immediate and comprehensive response; the measure being advanced today is only a political gimmick being dictated by former President Donald Trump from Mar-a-Lago. 

“I am disappointed that Speaker Johnson and MAGA extremists are placing our national security at risk while undermining the national security of Israel in their petty political games, and I encourage him to stop wasting precious time and immediately bring the bipartisan Senate package for a vote instead.”