Washington, DC – Today, Representatives Gregory W. Meeks and Michael McCaul, Ranking Member and Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, along with Dean Phillips and Joe Wilson, Ranking Member and Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, introduced a bipartisan bill to impose sanctions on a wide range of activities supporting Iran’s missile and drone program ahead of the October 2023 expiration of the UN missile ban on Iran. 

“Even with the UN restrictions in place, Iran’s missiles and drones are targeting U.S. troops, allies, and partners across the Middle East and increasingly fueling Vladimir Putin’s illegal war of aggression against Ukraine. Without urgent action, Iran’s missiles and drones could wreak even greater havoc around the globe come October. We are proud to introduce the Fight CRIME Act to constrain Iran’s arsenal, deter malign actors from supporting Iran and its proxies, and keep these dangerous weapons from proliferating onto new battlefields, regardless of whether UN restrictions remain in place.”

Bill Summary:

The Fight CRIME Act imposes mandatory property blocking and visa sanctions on anyone involved in the supply, sale, or transfer of, or support for, Iran’s missiles and drones including by:

  1. Acquiring or transferring Iranian missiles and drones
  2. Providing Iran or its proxies with items that may contribute to the development of missiles or drones
  3. Participating in joint missile or drone development with Iran or its proxies
  4. Importing or exporting any restricted missile or drone-related materiel to or from Iran

These sanctions also extend to the adult family members of designated persons, as well as actors providing significant support to, or engaging in transactions with designated persons. 

The Fight CRIME act also requires the administration to submit a report on Iranian missiles and drones to Congress, specifically outlining:

  1. An administration strategy to prevent missile and drone-related restrictions under Annex B to UNSCR 2231 from lapsing in October
  2. An assessment of the impact a lapse would have on Iran’s malign activities and potential financial benefits to the regime
  3. A description of the role sanctioned Iranian airlines are playing in the regime’s weapons proliferation, including as relates to missiles and drones
  4. A list of violators of UN missile and drone-related restrictions on Iran and international efforts to hold them to account