Washington, DC – Representative Gregory W. Meeks, Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, issued the following statement regarding the Biden Administration’s update to the Conventional Arms Transfer Policy, which updated the policy for transferring or selling arms to foreign countries to give greater consideration for human rights abuses when approving transfers and sales: 

“I strongly support the Administration’s update of the Conventional Arms Transfer Policy, which represents a meaningful step forward in ensuring the United States does not contribute to human rights abuses through its arms exports.  

U.S. arms transfer policy has long needed substantial reform. This new policy guidance reverses unhelpful Trump-era policies and reasserts the State Department’s role in oversight of arms sales. Previously, some U.S. arms exports have undermined U.S. foreign policy goals, resulted in human rights abuses, and in certain instances unauthorized transfers of weapons. Though the true test for this framework is in implementation, I am hopeful this update represents the first of many more meaningful steps that ensure such exports serve both our national security interests and align with our democratic values.”