Washington, DC – Representative Gregory W. Meeks, Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, issued the following statement commemorating the one-year anniversary of Russia’s brutal and illegal war on Ukraine: 

“One year ago today, Vladimir Putin launched a brutal and illegal full-scale invasion into Ukraine under the assumption that Russian troops would topple the government in Kyiv within a few days. He was wrong.  Due to the boundless strength and will of the Ukrainian people to defend their land and sovereignty, and the support of a global coalition opposed to Russia’s illegal aggression, Ukraine forces have prevented Russia from achieving its goals and today are bravely holding their territory against Russia’s continued war of aggression. 

“President Putin had also made the mistake of assuming the West would be divided, and that it would not stand united with Ukraine. Under the leadership of President Biden, the U.S. and its partners and allies have stood by the Ukrainian people and will continue to do so for as long as it takes. Putin’s actions have isolated Russia, making it a pariah on the world stage. In response, the U.S. and our allies and partners have provided tens of billions of security, humanitarian and economic assistance to Ukraine, and have imposed unprecedented sanctions against Russia. Also critical is the Biden administration’s determination that members of Russia’s forces and other Russian officials have systematically committed crimes against humanity throughout this brutal war, and we are committed to finding justice for those Ukrainians who’ve suffered horrific war crimes. 

“As Russia prepares to send waves of fresh conscripts and prisoners to the front lines this spring offensive, our message to the Ukrainian people must be clear: The U.S. and its allies and partners will continue to provide the tools you need to defend your sovereign land and democracy against Russian aggression, and we will be ready to provide what you need to rebuild once this war is won.”