Washington, DC –  Representative Gregory W. Meeks, Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, issued the following statement welcoming an agreement reached between the Venezuelan government and the opposition party, and commended the Biden administration’s efforts to support the agreement. Once the Venezuelan government takes concrete steps towards holding free elections in 2024, upholding human rights and fundamental freedoms, the Biden administration will take steps to relax sanctions in a limited and targeted way.

“I am pleased to see an agreement between Venezuela’s opposition party and the Maduro government to allow for free and fair elections in 2024 and release political prisoners and U.S. nationals. I also strongly support the Biden administration’s decision to ease sanctions in response to this Venezuelan-led agreement. U.S. sanctions on Venezuela were always meant to be rolled back should the country take meaningful steps towards restoring its democracy, and human and political rights. Should the Venezuelan government fail to meet those conditions, so too will our sanction relief reverse.

“This positive step towards a democratic future for the people of Venezuela is a welcome one, and I am optimistic that there is new hope to resolve the economic and humanitarian crises Venezuelans have long suffered.”