Washington, DC – Representative Gregory W. Meeks, Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, issued the following statement applauding President Biden’s announcement of $100 million in humanitarian funding for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank during his visit to Israel. This assistance will help address the urgent humanitarian crisis in Gaza that has left Palestinians without access to clean water, medical treatment, and safe shelter.

“While Israel has a right to defend itself, we must also ensure that humanitarian relief is able to make its way into Gaza and the West Bank. It is critical that the people of Gaza receive this life-saving assistance as soon as possible, and I look forward to working with the Administration to continue addressing the humanitarian needs on the ground. I applaud the Biden Administration for moving quickly to provide this urgently needed support.” 

The Biden Administration's humanitarian announcement includes:  

  • USAID funding to bolster support for displaced and other conflict-affected Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank with safe water, emergency food, hygiene support, and healthcare services. This funding will also provide psychosocial support and additional protection services for conflict-affected communities, including women and children.   

  • Increased vetting procedures for assistance, helping ensure its intended purpose of reaching Palestinians directly, and not benefiting Hamas. 

  • Continued diplomatic engagement with partners and allies to uphold international humanitarian law, protect civilians, and for relevant parties to facilitate safe and ongoing access to humanitarian assistance and personnel.   

  • Coordination with the United Nations, Israeli, and Egyptian partners to establish a humanitarian corridor to urgently facilitate the provision of aid to those in need.